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[Graphics] Banan [View screenshot] 2009 JAG
[Graphics] Bandit Biker Race [View screenshot] 2015 Tzerra / Era Creative Group
[Graphics] Bandwidth Bandits [View screenshot] 2018 Nodepond / Level 90
[Graphics] Banger [View screenshot] 2023 Brzy77
[Graphics] Banka [View screenshot] 2015 Kasik
[Graphics] Bansheenator [View screenshot] 2021 Dovakin
[Demo] Barbarian Collection Mortal Kombat Hackers Group
[Demo] Bars 2021 g0blinish
[Graphics] Bart [View screenshot] 2006 Tiboh
[Graphics] Bart 2 [View screenshot] 2002 Shimi
[Demo] Bart Simpson
[Graphics] Bart Simpson vs Pacman [View screenshot] 2014 g0blinish
[Graphics] Bartsimp [View screenshot] 1997 Sister / MegaDate Group
[Demo] Base Bord Beep 2015 Misha Pertsovsky
[Graphics] Bashfulness [View screenshot] 2017 Shuran33
[Demo] Basic Nostalgia 2023 Monster / GDC
[Demo] BASIC Riot 2012 Thesuper
[Demo] BASICdemo 2000 Shimi / exESA
[Graphics] Basket [View screenshot] 1997 Gil Kirill / Twin Peaks Group
[Graphics] Bat0Con 70% repixelled conversion [View screenshot] 2013 Tutty
[Graphics] Bat1Con [View screenshot] 2014 Tutty / Paradise
[Graphics] Batman — Arkham Legend [View screenshot] 2015 Nodeus / Light Future
[Graphics] Batterfly [View screenshot] 2022 aGGreSSor
[Graphics] Battle City [View screenshot] 2017 Joe Vondayl
[Demo] Battle Command Tank
[Demo] Battle of the Bits 2 2013 Alex Rider
[Demo] Battle of the Bits 3 2013 Alex Rider
[Demo] Battle of the Bits 4 2013 Alex Rider
[Demo] BattleOfTheBits ZX Spectrum Beeper Speaker Compo 2010 2010 Shiru
[Graphics] Battletoad [View screenshot] 2001 Steelzer / Triumph
[Graphics] Battletoads 2022 Маруся
[Demo] BaWa - Balky waves 2022 Busy
[Graphics] bay6 [View screenshot] [View screenshot] 2017 Diver
[Demo] BB 2014 introspec
[Demo] BBB 2011 JTN and Siril / 4th Dimension
[Demo] BBS 1995 STS
[Graphics] BC&DP [View screenshot] 1999 Paracels / Placebo
[Graphics] Be a man! [View screenshot] 2011 Jerkk / Khatarsis
[Graphics] Be aware [View screenshot] 2005 Moran / Cyberpunks Unity
[Demo] Be Fish | Be Square 2024 Blossom / Marquee Design
[Graphics] Be more human... [View screenshot] 2002 Yerzmyey / Hooy-Program
[Demo] Be Quick As Your Dick 2002 Hooy-Program
[Graphics] Beach [View screenshot] 2009 c.born
[Graphics] Beach [View screenshot] 1999 Hannah / Crazytronic
[Demo] Beaming LCD
[Demo] Beams of Light 2017 g0blinish
[Graphics] Bear [View screenshot] 2014 Dimidrol
[Graphics] Bear [View screenshot] 2016 KloyanA
[Graphics] Bear in Zoo [View screenshot] 2019 haywire
[Graphics] bear shaman [View screenshot] 2022 pixelrat
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