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[Graphics] HAPPY BIRTHDAY SPECCY [View screenshot] 2012 Piesiu / Agenda
[Music] Happy Birthday To Me 1997 EA-Soft / MegaDate Group
[Music] Happy Birthday, Wolf! 1999 Kenotron
[Music] Happy Birthday ZS 2001 MmcM / Sage
[Graphics] Happy Boy [View screenshot] 2018 Rogal
[Music] Happy Chaos 2016 MmcM / Sage
[Music] Happy Day 2004 Dr.S / Original Computers Association ^ Varga
[Music] Happy Day For Great Affairs 1998 EA / Antares
[Music] Happy Day, Happy World 2001 DJ Denson
[Music] Happy Day Is Day Wiz My Speccy 1999 Nik-O / Partyzans ^ Techno Lab
[Music] Happy Dog And Cat-Boys And Girls 1999 Criminal / Die Krupps
[Music] Happy Drums 1998 EA / Antares
[Music] Happy End 1996 Midisoft
[Music] Happy End 2010 Zorky
[Music] Happy Hardcore 02 2002 Ravager / Computer Rats Group
[Music] Happy Lilipute 2000 Ravager / Computer Rats Group
[Graphics] Happy MARVEL [View screenshot] 2016 Nodeus
[Music] Happy Mix Hacker Kay
[Music] Happy Muzak (Proton 15) 1997 EA-Soft / Antares
[Music] Happy New 1997 Hacker Kay
[Music] Happy New 2003 Year! 2002 C-jeff / Green Bit Group
[Graphics] Happy New Beer [View screenshot] 2022 Milena
[Graphics] happy new year [View screenshot] 2018 Tais
[Graphics] Happy New Year [View screenshot] 2023 CHRV
[Music] Happy New Year V Romanov
[Music] Happy New Year 1999 Computer Rats Group
[Music] Happy New Year-Klim 25 Klim
[Music] Happy New Year Speccy 2014 MmcM / Sage
[Music] Happy New Years 2000 Black Groove / Triebkraft
[Music] Happy Song Aki
[Music] Happy Summer 2000 Pat
[Music] Happy Sunday (Proton 23) 1998 D.J.EA / Antares
[Music] Happy Winter Moments 2020 MmcM / Sage
[Graphics] Happy Сhristmas [View screenshot] 2023 Дарья Конькова
[Music] HappyDox 1999 Dx-69 / Computer Rats Group
[Music] HappyEnd 2007 Key-Jee / Triebkraft
[Graphics] HappyLeo [View screenshot] 1999 Ice'Di Griz / Triumph
[Graphics] Hard choise [View screenshot] 2022 KUVO
[Music] Hard House Bell
[Music] Hard-Keno 44 1999 Kenotron
[Music] Hard Life 1999 Zhenya / Zer0
[Music] Hard Live 1997 Zhenya
[Music] Hard Question 1998 EA / Antares
[Graphics] Hard Ressuraction [View screenshot] 1998 Slider
[Graphics] Hard Rock [View screenshot] 1996 Tihonov A.
[Music] Hard-Techno Denis Popirin
[Music] Hard Wedge 1 Qjeta
[Music] Hard Wedge 2 Qjeta
[Music] Hard Wedge 3 Qjeta
[Music] Hard Wedge 4 Qjeta
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