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[Graphics] Reptile [View screenshot] 1999 Minisoft Avec NRJ
[Graphics] Resting Guard [View screenshot] 2013 Vassa
[Graphics] Retroid [View screenshot] 2022 Katoyama
[Graphics] Return [View screenshot] 2014 John Norton Irr
[Graphics] Return of the Street Samurai [View screenshot] 2024 Suule / OftenHide
[Graphics] Return to Aegna [View screenshot] 2013 Vassa
[Graphics] Return to the Stage [View screenshot] 2010 Schafft
[Graphics] Review_1 [View screenshot] 1997 Halt
[Graphics] Rezistor [View screenshot] 1998 Phantazm
[Graphics] RG [View screenshot] 2022 Schafft
[Graphics] Rick & 30px [View screenshot] 2017 Error / ErrorSoft
[Graphics] Ride The Lighting [View screenshot] 2001 LEV / Wintmasters
[Graphics] Ringo [View screenshot] 2022 Denis Grachev
[Graphics] RIP [View screenshot] 2000 Wild / Omega Hackers Group
[Graphics] RIP 3310 2023 eoleobeo
[Graphics] RIP 3310 2023
[Graphics] rip and tear [View screenshot] 2021 notarget137
[Graphics] RIP R.H. [View screenshot] 2019 moroz1999 / Dibiliki
[Graphics] ripley [View screenshot] 2022 Grongy
[Graphics] Rise [View screenshot] 1997 Re-Animation / Diamond Group
[Graphics] riskej.img [View screenshot] 2007 Riskej / Simbols
[Graphics] riskej.scr [View screenshot] 2007 Riskej / Simbols
[Graphics] River [View screenshot] 1997 Ivanchenko Dmitriy
[Graphics] Rix [View screenshot] 2003 Iron Lord / Green Bit Group
[Graphics] Road to Spectropolis [View screenshot] 2019 Retro / Retronator
[Graphics] Robert Smith [View screenshot] 2022 Dimidrol
[Graphics] Robin [View screenshot] 2000 Agyagos
[Graphics] Robo [View screenshot] 2017 Creonix / Brain Wave ^ Mistigris
[Graphics] Robo3D [View screenshot] 1995 Ján Šimko
[Graphics] Robocop [View screenshot] 2003 Yerzmyey / Hooy-Program
[Graphics] Robocop [View screenshot] 1997 Spencer / Diamond
[Graphics] Robocop [View screenshot] 2000 MyKAT / Sinclair Club
[Graphics] Robocop4 [View screenshot] 2010 Ivan Horn
[Graphics] Robolympics [View screenshot] 2016 moroz1999
[Graphics] RoboRabbit [View screenshot] 2016 Dovakin
[Graphics] Robosabla [View screenshot] 1999 CVM / ZeroTeam
[Graphics] Robot [View screenshot] 2023 Brzy77
[Graphics] Robot Chill [View screenshot] 2023 Дмитрий Кохно
[Graphics] Robot near the sea [View screenshot] 2013 John Norton Irr
[Graphics] RobotB 2023 Rybchic
[Graphics] Robotech [View screenshot] 2008 Amigo
[Graphics] Robotnik [View screenshot] 2019 Creonix / Brain Wave
[Graphics] Roboty [View screenshot] 2010 MKillah
[Graphics] rock [View screenshot] 2022 Grongy
[Graphics] Rocket Raccoon [View screenshot] 2014 Diver / 4th Dimension
[Graphics] Roger [View screenshot] 2014 Lamer Pinky
[Graphics] Roland on the ropes [View screenshot] 2020 Logiker
[Graphics] ROM 2.0 (Rom 2 kropka zero) [View screenshot] 2022 Rogal / CrapTeam ^ Pixel Nation
[Graphics] Romantic [View screenshot] 2010 GM BIT
[Graphics] Ron [View screenshot] 2002 Hellboj
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