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Chaos Constructions 2008

Chaos Constructions 2008 on Demozoo »

Chaos Constructions 2008

Saint Petersburg, St.-Petersburg, Russia

30th - 31st August 2008

8-bit - ZX Spectrum Graphics »

[screenshot of Crazy Love]
1 Crazy Love [View screenshot] Kasik
2 Schloss Neuschwanstein [View screenshot] Dimidrol
3 Nether Earth [View screenshot] Crazy Pixel
4 Strong Hold [View screenshot] Mixer

8-bit - ZX Spectrum Music »

1 I'll be remember Splinter
2 T-Means (Now pary! edit) DJ Denson and Splinter
3 Contra-rock Megabyte
4 Fascinate SAV
5 Neponatka2.pt3 JeRrS

8-bit 640k demo »

[screenshot of Flush]
1 Image Mega Demo Biotech and N-Discovery
2 Personal Nightmare Screw / Omega Hackers Group
3 Dreamers Skrju
4 Flush Milytia and Simbols

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