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@zxgfx compo #3

@zxgfx compo #3 on Demozoo »

@zxgfx compo #3

22nd March - 5th April 2021

Cartoon character + no dithering »

[screenshot of Багира] [screenshot of Как приручить дракона] [screenshot of Гена и Чебурашка] [screenshot of Turanga Leela]
1 Сильвер [View screenshot] Art-top
2 The Dark Wing [View screenshot] Diver
3 Gadget thought about it [View screenshot] Schafft
4 Гусеница [View screenshot] Art-top
5 Тихий дон [View screenshot] Art-top
6 Багира [View screenshot] Art-top
7 Как приручить дракона [View screenshot] Art-top
8 Багира, утро [View screenshot] Art-top
9 Три разбойника [View screenshot] Art-top
10 middle aged fried mecha ninja duck [View screenshot] Robat
11 Эон Флакс [View screenshot]
12 Bender [View screenshot] DMan
13 Bender Bending Rodriguez [View screenshot] DMan
14 Turanga Leela [View screenshot] DMan
15 Metal Ass [View screenshot] DMan
16 Че [View screenshot] Art-top
17 Σκύλλα [Scylla] [View screenshot] Shuran33
18 рисунок для игры zx spectrum "THE NEST" [View screenshot]
Гена и Чебурашка [View screenshot] Art-top

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