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Retro Games Battle 2014

Retro Games Battle 2014 on Demozoo »

Retro Games Battle 2014

7th March 2014

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[screenshot of The World's Hardest Game ZX48k] [screenshot of Ninja twins. Going to Zedeaks]
1 Metal Man Reloaded Oleg Origin 8.36
2 DreamWalker: AlterEgo2 Denis Grachev and Diver and MmcM 8.33
3 Castlevania Darkman007 and SaNchez 8.226
4 Captain Drexx Hacker VBI 7.652
5 GraviBots Denis Grachev and Vasiliy Kostin 7.387
6 Ninja twins. Going to Zedeaks Nq and Sam Style and Sand 7.202
7 The World's Hardest Game ZX48k Debris 6.337
8 QUAD Denis Popov 5.138

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