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Location: Glazov, Udmurtiya, Russia


[Graphics] Am I God? [View screenshot] 2001 Screamer / JMB
[Demo] Jaundice 2001 Screamer
[Graphics] Karma 2002 skqreamej / Skrju
[Music] Artifical Breath 2005 Sq / Skrju
[Demo] Yet another true story from a life of a fat cell 2011 Sq
[Graphics] Supremus [View screenshot] 2012 Sq
[Music] Bormozaplastation Screamer / Jumble
[Music] Just A Sentence Screamer / Jumble
[Music] Suprematic Balance Screamer
[Music] Throughhh Screamer / JMB
[Music] Tremezolutions Screamer / Jumble


[Demo] Almost Here 2007 Skrju
- Code
[Demo] 14 2007 Skrju
- Code
[Demo] About A Thing 2008 Skrju
- Graphics (3d), Code
[Demo] Generation Z #5,5 - The Last Insanity 2009 4th Dimension and Milytia and Simbols and Triebkraft
- Graphics (shell ascii final)
[Demo] MmcM - The Blossoming Years 2015 Hype Allstars
- Other (Bug Hunting)
[Demo] Rain 2016 Life On Mars
- Text
[Demo] Break Space 2016 Thesuper
- Code (Main code), Other (Design)
[Demo] TWO THOUSAND 2018 Stardust
- Code
[Demo] Oxygene 7 2019 Stardust
- Code
[Demo] GABBA 2019 Stardust
- Code
[Demo] Of Cats, Men and Abstract Figures 2022 Stardust
- Code
[Demo] Elysium State 2022 Stardust
- Code

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