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Scener profile - Schafft

Location: Vladivostok, Primorskiy, Russia


[Graphics] Awakening of angel [View screenshot] 2001 Schafft / Colour of Magic
[Graphics] Bloody Tears [View screenshot] 2002 Schafft / Colour of Magic
[Graphics] Do Not Leave Me Alone [View screenshot] 2010 Schafft
[Graphics] Return to the Stage [View screenshot] 2010 Schafft
[Graphics] Virus [View screenshot] 2010 Schafft
[Graphics] To Do All Of Anything [View screenshot] 2013 Schafft
[Demo] Eihwaz 2015 Hedj and Schafft
[Demo] Invitation to Out of Compo 2016 2016 Hedj and Schafft and buzzkei
- Graphics
[Graphics] At the beginning [View screenshot] 2017 Schafft
[Graphics] Size matters [View screenshot] 2017 Schafft
[Music] kokos where is my tutor? 2018 Schafft / 7th Layer
[Graphics] too young [View screenshot] 2021 Schafft
[Graphics] Deep in the center [View screenshot] 2021 Schafft
[Graphics] Gadget thought about it [View screenshot] 2021 Schafft
[Graphics] Cover [View screenshot] 2021 Schafft
[Graphics] RG [View screenshot] 2022 Schafft
[Graphics] HF [View screenshot] 2022 Schafft
[Graphics] What are you staring at? [View screenshot] 2023 Schafft


[Demo] Still Flying 2003 Brainwave
- Graphics
[Demo] Happy New Year 2020 Intro 2019 Phosphene
- Graphics

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