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Rob F

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Scener profile - Rob F

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine


[Demo] 3D Gift 1995 Dreamer and Jungar and Rob F
[Music] Deadron 2003 Rob F
[Music] Faster 2010 Robus
[Music] 3123 Years Of DiHalt 2013 Rob F. / Entire Group
[Music] Drink For Peace Drunk For ART 2014 Rob F. / Entire Group
[Music] Abrove Speed 2015 Rob F / Consciousness
[Music] DiHalt RealTime 2019 Rob F / Entire Group


[Demo] 3Bit #1 2005 Patriots and Real Soft Makers
- Text
[Demo] Latrax Minus 2010 Entire Group
- Music, Code
[Demo] Old Skool Coding Old School Style (OSCOSS) 2013 Entire
- Code, Music
[Demo] Heart Megademo (Party version) 2014 AAA Band
- Code, Music

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