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Scener profile - Kot

Location: Apatity, Russia


[Music] Rasvumchorr 2001 Kot / Constellation
[Music] Depression continues... 2002 D.J. Kot
[Music] AY Remember 2010 Ejkot
[Music] Summer Good Bye 2010 Ejkot
[Music] April Going 2014 Kotsoft
[Demo] Sinofrenia 2014 Kotsoft / no
[Demo] New Year 2015 Gift 2015 Kotsoft and Nodeus and SCL
[Music] Move your ass, Move your scener's ass! 2015 D.J. Kot
[Demo] Color Waves 2015 Kotsoft
[Music] D'nt sleep in forest grooves 2015 D.J. Kot
[Demo] AAA Tears 2015 Kotsoft
[Music] To Beep Or Not To Beep 2015 Kotsoft / North Star Hackers Group
[Music] A little tunes near the lake 2016 Kotsoft
[Demo] Atom 2016 Kotsoft / North Star Hackers Group
[Music] Irregular Circuts 2016 Kotsoft
[Music] Summer Steps 2017 Ejkot
[Music] How about envelope, Elon Musk? 2018 Kotsoft
[Music] Urban train 2019 Ejkot
[Music] Everything Will Be Fine 2021 Ejkot
[Graphics] "Ослепительное" в рукаве [View screenshot] 2024 Kotsoft

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