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Scener profile - Justinas

Location: Klaipeda, Lithuania


[Music] N-Year 1997 Sector
[Music] Long End 1997 Sector
[Music] Conceptions 1999 Sector / Starfire Hackers Group
[Music] Ineffable Themes For CC999 1999 Sector / Constellation
[Music] Titanas 2000 Darkman and Justinas / Constellation
[Music] Sequel 2000 Justinas / Constellation
[Music] Streamlined Model 2000 Justinas
[Music] Funky-Fit 2001 Justinas
[Music] Monolithic Flute 2001 Justinas / Constellation ^ Serious Makers Group
[Music] Kelias per Zvaigzde 2001 Justinas / Constellation
[Music] Streamlined Model (akustine) 2002 Justinas / Constellation i.a
[Music] Jazzy Squash 2006 Justinas
[Music] Fluffy Jazz Cocktail 2007 Justinas
[Music] Abruptly beats 2008 Justinas
[Music] Prelude of Funkie 2012 djuzzz / Fostral
[Music] Big Prikol DNK and Sector
[Music] S-Muzak Sector
[Music] P 15 Intro Sector
[Music] Love Not Dead-Elen Sector


[Demo] Zhenya 18 1998 Serious Makers Group
- Graphics
[Demo] New Art BBS 1999 Newart
- Music
[Demo] Pondlife 2001 Hooy-Program and Raww Arse
- Music

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