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Location: Dzerzhinsk, Nizjnij Novgorod, Russia


[Music] World Of Peace 1998 Time Keeper
[Graphics] The World of Magic [View screenshot] 1998 Time Keeper / Master Home Computing Group
[Music] The Event Of Yesterday 1999 Time Keeper / Master Home Computing Group
[Graphics] Stinger [View screenshot] 1999 Time Keeper / Master Home Computing Group
[Graphics] OXOTA [View screenshot] 1999 Time Keeper / Master Home Computing Group
[Graphics] Demon [View screenshot] 1999 Time Keeper / Master Home Computing Group
[Music] Dust 2000 Time Keeper
[Demo] ZX Invitation for Dihalt`2006 2006 Time Keeper
[Music] Unbelievable Flying 2007 TmK / deMarche
[Music] forDHlifeSonG 2009 TmK / deMarche
[Graphics] Billiards [View screenshot] 2009 TmK / deMarche
[Graphics] Save The Animals [View screenshot] 2009 TmK / deMarche
[Graphics] We Are Against [View screenshot] 2012 TmK / deMarche
[Demo] Make Demos Not 1K Intros 2013 TmK / deMarche
[Graphics] Make Demos Not Gfx [View screenshot] 2013 TmK / deMarche
[Graphics] Wrong Bees [View screenshot] 2014 TmK / deMarche
[Graphics] если бы диззи был пингвином [View screenshot] 2014 TmK
[Graphics] Do You Like Demo About Me? [View screenshot] 2014 TmK
[Graphics] Party Sprinter [View screenshot] 2015 TmK / deMarche
[Graphics] Bad Weather - No Power on Party [View screenshot] 2015 Time Keeper
[Graphics] Bad Weather - Bad DiHalt [View screenshot] 2015 Time Keeper
[Graphics] трехногий котоджонс [View screenshot] 2016 TmK
[Graphics] Don`t smoke with banana in tunnel [View screenshot] 2017 TmK
[Music] Some Small CompoFiller 2017 TmK / deMarche
[Graphics] our thoughts about porno and copy [View screenshot] 2017 TmK
[Music] Lost Madness 2018 Nik-O and TmK
[Graphics] Буратино is very 0LDsch00L Пацак ! [View screenshot] 2018 TmK
[Graphics] Train of Chaos [View screenshot] 2019 TmK / deMarche
[Graphics] Квадратиш практиш гуд [View screenshot] 2021 TmK
[Graphics] the mask save my brain [View screenshot] 2021 TmK
[Graphics] А ты уже слепил своего новогоднего снеговика ? [View screenshot] 2023 TmK / deMarche
[Graphics] Тесла в печальке без электричества 2023 TmK
[Music] Entropy Demotrack Time Keeper
[Music] Entropy Introduction Time Keeper


[Demo] Entropy 1998 ZX Maniacs
- Music
[Demo] The Board 2011 Alone Coder / NedoPC
- Graphics
[Demo] Across The Edge 2016 deMarche
- Code
[Demo] multiLove 2017 deMarche
- Code, Graphics
[Demo] TIRATOK 2019 deMarche
- Code

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