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Scener profile - Wixet

Location: Plzeň, Okres Plzeň-Město, Plzeňský, Czech Republic


[Demo] Playmusic 1991 Thorin
[Demo] Play Music 2 1991 Thorin
[Demo] The Exterminator Demo 1991 The Exterminator
[Demo] First Wixor 1992 Wixor
[Demo] CP/M Demo 3 1994 Omega and Wixet
[Graphics] Jurassic [View screenshot] 2001 Jan Werner
[Graphics] Tools [View screenshot] 2005 Wixet
[Graphics] Coma [View screenshot] 2008 Wixet
[Demo] Play Music 3 Thorin
[Demo] Lenin Wixet
[Demo] Game and Poke Thorin
[Demo] Game and Poke 2 Thorin


[Demo] Shucon 2004 Invitation 2004 Total Computer Gang
- Graphics (graphics, design), Code
[Demo] Koroptef's Eklhaft Kentus Professional 2004 Krap Gang
- Text, Graphics
[Demo] Disturbed Cover Mania 2005 Total Computer Gang
- Code, Graphics, Text

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