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Scener profile - Johny-X

Location: Okres Teplice, Ústecký, Czech Republic


[Music] Hnus 1998 Johny-X
[Graphics] Other Face [View screenshot] 1998 Johny X / Naughty Crew
[Music] Strangled 1999 Johny X / Naughty Crew
[Music] 4Doxy6 1999 Johny X / Naughty Crew
[Graphics] 4Doxy! [View screenshot] 1999 Johny X / Naughty Crew
[Demo] Xtro 2000 Johny X
[Music] Illegal 2000 Johny-X / Naughty Crew
[Music] X-Swing 2001 Johny-X / Naughty Crew
[Music] Depress Day Johny-X
[Music] HW Party Johny-X
[Music] Ked Tranze Johny-X
[Music] Progress Johny-X
[Music] Psychodel Johny-X
[Music] Stimulate Johny-X
[Music] Tosz Kua HW Johny-X
[Music] Wait 4 MB02 Johny-X
[Music] X4Doxy Johny-X


[Demo] Naughty Crew Info 1997 Naughty Crew
- Code, Graphics
[Demo] DoxyCon'99 MSX Compo Player 1999 Naughty Crew
- Music, Text
[Demo] Fuckin Computers 2006 Naughty Crew
- Music

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