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Location: Moscow, Russia


[Graphics] Time2Die [View screenshot] 1997 Rom / Progress ^ Seamans
[Graphics] Die, Motherfucker! [View screenshot] 1997 Rom / Progress
[Graphics] Perfect Shit [View screenshot] 1997 Rom / Progress
[Graphics] Azidream [View screenshot] 1997 Rom / Progress
[Graphics] Matrix [View screenshot] 2000 Rom / Progress
[Graphics] Biocycle [View screenshot] 2002 r0m / Progress
[Graphics] Semilanceta hunting [View screenshot] 2003 Rom / Progress
[Graphics] Bob Marley [View screenshot] 2003 Rom / Progress
[Graphics] Hellclowns 1,2 [View screenshot] 2006 r0m
[Graphics] Hellclowns 3,4 [View screenshot] 2006 r0m
[Graphics] Hobo [View screenshot] 2006 r0m
[Graphics] Woody [View screenshot] 2010 r0m / Progress
[Graphics] Meditime [View screenshot] 2010 r0m / Progress
[Graphics] Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas [View screenshot] 2010 r0m / Progress
[Graphics] unauthorized bite [View screenshot] 2010 r0m
[Graphics] Gangsta Chimp [View screenshot] 2010 r0m
[Graphics] Dark Apprehensions [View screenshot] 2010 r0m
[Graphics] self-Sight [View screenshot] 2010 r0m
[Graphics] Heteronexion [View screenshot] 2011 r0m
[Graphics] Self-Sight2 (After The War) [View screenshot] 2011 r0m
[Graphics] Mountain River [View screenshot] 2011 r0m
[Graphics] Carlo Is Back! [View screenshot] 2011 r0m


[Demo] Shit 4 Brainz 1997 Progress
- Code, Graphics (graphics, design), Other (concept)
[Demo] Scenergy #1 1999 Concern Chaos and Digital Reality and Phantasy and Progress and Scenergy Team
- Text (editor)

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