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Himiks ZXZ

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Scener profile - Himiks ZXZ

Location: Izhevsk, Udmurtiya, Russia


[Demo] Music Demo Part 1 1993 Dark Night and Himik's
[Music] Select Asc Music Ed. 1994 Himik's ZXZ
[Music] N P Cruise 1994 Al Heather and Himiks
[Demo] Beverly Hills Cop Demo 1994 Himik's ZXZ
[Music] Kto! Da-Da! Oni! 1995 Himik's ZXZ
[Music] Shiting Dance 1995 Himik's ZXZ
[Music] Izwrashenie For Shok 1995 Himik's ZXZ
[Music] Music Dance Hello! 1995 Himik's ZXZ
[Music] O'key Dance Music 1995 Himik's ZXZ
[Music] Tirlin Music 1995 Himik's ZXZ
[Music] Techno Music ZXZ 1995 Himik's ZXZ
[Demo] Ded Smirnoff Memory 2002 Himik's ZXZ / Power Of Sound
[Music] Fire Dragon No Bad?! Himik's ZXZ
[Music] This Is New Game Himik's ZXZ
[Music] This Is New Dance's Himik's ZXZ
[Music] Slow Music Himik's ZXZ
[Music] Sadism Traher Himik's ZXZ
[Music] Slow Music 2 Himik's ZXZ
[Music] Turumba Bambis Himik's ZXZ
[Music] Woow! It's 'Amaze'! Himik's ZXZ
[Music] Stop! O'key! Awful! Himik's ZXZ
[Music] What Is Buterbrod? Himik's ZXZ
[Music] Silly Dance Himik's ZXZ
[Music] Power Of Sound Group Himik's ZXZ and Owl
[Music] Laser Dance 1 Himik's and Lugowskih
[Music] Laser Dance 2 Himik's and Lugowskih
[Music] Laser Dance 3 Himik's and Lugowskih
[Music] Laser Dance 4 Himik's and Lugowskih
[Demo] Beverly Hills Cop Demo 2 Himik's ZXZ
[Demo] Seymour Himik's ZXZ


[Demo] Happy Demo 1995 Power Of Sound
- Code, Graphics (visuals), Music
[Demo] MKHG 1996 Power Of Sound
- Code, Music
[Demo] 3D Lame 2 1998 Playgear and Power Of Sound
- Code (player, packing)

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