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Scener profile - Megus

Location: Yoshkar-Ola, Mariy-El, Russia


[Music] Brother Louiee (Modern Talking) 1995 Megus
[Music] Texho-1 1995 Megus / Star Group
[Music] Megadance Music 1996 Megus
[Music] Game War 1996 Megus
[Music] Techno Music N2 1996 Megus
[Music] Game Over For You 1996 Megus
[Music] High Score 1996 Megus
[Music] Megasong 1996 Megus / Star Group
[Music] Star Group Intros 1996 Megus
[Music] The Boot 1999 Megus
[Music] Forbidden Colours 1999 Megus
[Music] Just A Tune 1999 Megus
[Music] For Intro 1999 Megus
[Music] The Scorched Earth 2-1 1999 Megus
[Music] The Scorched Jazz 1999 Megus
[Music] Jazzy Tune For Scorched 2 1999 Megus
[Music] Choose The Weapon, Guy! 1999 Megus
[Music] Will my dreams come true? 1999 Megus / Brainwave ^ X Project
[Music] Technogen 2000 Megus
[Music] Non-Tryptomine Dream 2000 Megus
[Music] Fat Cat Wants Tasty Fish 2000 Megus
[Music] Robocop 2000 Megus / Brainwave ^ X Project
[Music] Stellar Contour soundtrack 2001 Megus
[Music] Stellar Sound Track 2001 Megus
[Music] Summer Mood 2001 Megus / Brainwave
[Music] Old TV Tune (total remake) 2002 Megus / Brainwave
[Music] Autumn Is Calling... 2002 Megus / Brainwave
[Music] Tryptomine Dream 1 2004 Megus
[Music] Power Run (Laser Dance) 2004 Megus / Brainwave
[Music] Hit-2 Megus
[Music] Ballmain Megus
[Music] Casino Megus
[Music] Composition-4 Megus
[Music] Chords Megus
[Music] Composition-6 Megus
[Music] Disco Music Megus
[Music] Ultra Epilogue Megus
[Music] Hit-3 Megus
[Music] Galactic Megus
[Music] Hare Megus
[Music] Meganova Megus
[Music] Laser Music Megus
[Music] Ultra Music Megus
[Music] Hellfire Music Megus
[Music] Chop Duel Game Megus
[Music] Chop Duel Intro Remix Megus
[Music] Composition-5 Megus
[Music] Megacosmic Song-2 Megus
[Music] Megacosmic Song-1 Megus
[Music] Techno Mega Mix Megus
[Music] Zx Scorched 1-1 Megus


[Demo] Stellar Contour 2001 Brainwave
- Music
[Demo] Nether World Crack Intro 2004 Brainwave
- Music
[Demo] You Are Adult 2004 AY Riders
- Music

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