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Scener profile - Omega

Location: Šumice, Zlínský, Czech Republic


[Demo] Demagogia 1992 Omega
[Demo] The Bateria 1992 Omega / SSC
[Demo] Condenzator Brutal 1993 Omega
[Demo] CP/M Demo 3 1994 Omega and Wixet
[Demo] Destructor Mortal 1994 Omega
[Demo] Destructor Mortal 48 1994 Omega
[Demo] Integrator Turbo 1994 Omega
[Demo] Unused 1994 Omega
[Demo] Unused Remix 1994 Omega
[Demo] Double Letter (Bell + Axe) 1995 Omega
- Graphics, Code
[Demo] MQM 5: The Reject 1995 MQM Team and Omega
- Other (guest part), Other (MQM5 finished version)
[Demo] FBI 1996 Omega
[Demo] Happy Birthday Legend 1996 Omega
[Demo] First Association Preview 1997 Omega
[Demo] Letter For Bell 1997 Omega
[Demo] Letter For Tuleby Of ESA 1997 Omega
[Demo] Letter by Omega to Tuleby 1997 Omega
[Demo] Letter for Tuleby 1998 Omega
- Code
[Demo] Multigift for Schiva 1999 Aki and Omega and TDM
- Graphics, Code
[Demo] 4K Intro 1999 Dromega and Omedron
[Demo] Exception 1999 Omega
[Demo] Monochrome - Gift for Factor 6 2000 Omega and TDM
- Graphics, Text, Code
[Demo] DNA Demo 2002 Omega and Patisoners
[Demo] Forever multicolour collection 2006 Omega
[Graphics] Omega [View screenshot] 2006 Omega
[Demo] harmonix 2022 Omega
[Demo] Metamorf 2022 Omega
[Demo] Noire Moire 2022 Omega
[Demo] Note Omega


[Demo] Overlap 1995 Omar Pictures
- Graphics, Code
[Demo] First Association 1998
- Other (guest part)
[Demo] Syndeecate Apocalypse 2003 Invitation 2003 Hooy-Program
- Code
[Demo] DigiSID 2003 Patisoners
- Text, Graphics
[Demo] Koroptef's Eklhaft Kentus Professional 2004 Krap Gang
- Code, Text
[Demo] Tedemo 2005 Patyzoners and Shuconers
- Code
[Demo] Eklhaft SP2 2010 Krap Gang
- Graphics, Code
[Demo] We are alive! 2013 Gemba Boys
- Code
[Demo] Back To The Gemba 2015 Gemba Boys
- Code
[Demo] Balik 2018 Gemba Revival Band
- Graphics
[Demo] VOID 2021 Invaders
- Code, Graphics, Other (Story)
[Demo] STOPgenocide 2023 Invaders and Kitten Rescuers and SinDiKat
- Code, Graphics, Other (direction, linking)

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