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Location: England, United Kingdom


[Demo] Play Ball! 2003 Paul Grenfell
[Demo] Get Up 2004 4-Mat and Eater and evilpaul
- Code
[Demo] Stick Up Game 2004 4mat and Eater and evilpaul
[Demo] ceci n'est pas un cube 2007 evilpaul / Ate Bit
[Demo] Mipmap 2007 evilpaul / Ate Bit
[Demo] ZXwister 2008 evilpaul / Ate Bit


[Demo] Throw Up 2005 Ate Bit
- Code
[Demo] We Are Spectrum 2006 Ate Bit
- Graphics, Code
[Demo] mag7sqr 2006 UKScene Allstars
- Code
[Demo] Old Skool Invitro Maker - Sundown 06 Invite 2006 Ate Bit
- Graphics, Code
[Demo] <3 Smash 2006 Ate Arse
- Code, Graphics, Other (concept)
[Demo] Bomb 2007 Ate Bit
- Code, Graphics
[Demo] Ahh... the tape loading era! 2009 Ate Bit
- Graphics, Code
[Demo] Muse 2014 Ate Bit
- Code
[Demo] Daytrip 2015 Ate Bit and Desire
- Code
[Demo] Ant Attack Trainer 2017 Ate Bit
- Code
[Demo] Electric Dreams 2022 Ate Bit
- Code

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