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Scener profile - AAA

Location: Moscow, Russia


[Demo] Two Effect 2013 3Asoft / AAA Band
[Graphics] Goblin [View screenshot] 2014 AAA / AAA Band
[Graphics] Baba-biatlonistka [View screenshot] 2014 AAA / AAA Band
[Graphics] Rain Winter Olympic Sochi [View screenshot] 2014 AAA / AAA Band
[Demo] Welcome to CSP'2015 2015 AAA
[Demo] Invitro "Welcome CSP 2016" 2016 AAA


[Demo] The Klon Demo 2010 AAA Band and Destr
- Graphics
[Demo] Amazing Demo 2011 AAA Band
- Graphics
[Demo] Atari Player Demo Music 2012 AAA Band
- Graphics
[Demo] Skulls Shit 2012 AAA Band
- Graphics
[Demo] Heart Megademo (Party version) 2014 AAA Band
- Graphics
[Demo] Captain Drexx 2014 Hacker VBI
- Graphics
[Demo] Elite VII 2014 AAA Band
- Other (idea, assembly, alignment of the stars, crystals, cubic)
[Demo] Psychoz Megademo 2017 AAA Band
- Graphics
[Demo] AAACauldron 2017 AAA Band
- Graphics
[Demo] Story 2018 g0blinish
- Graphics

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