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Lamer Pinky

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Scener profile - Lamer Pinky

Location: Uherský Brod, Zlínský, Czech Republic


[Music] FOR EVERYone 2013 Lamer Pinky
[Music] Signal 4 You 2014 Lamer Pinky
[Graphics] Roger [View screenshot] 2014 Lamer Pinky
[Music] Black Sunshine 2014 Lamer Pinky / Gemba Boys
[Music] Last Generation 2015 Lamer Pinky
[Music] End of Gemba 2015 Pinky / Gemba Boys
[Graphics] Unity [View screenshot] 2015 Lamer Pinky / Gemba Boys
[Music] Way To Unity 2015 Lamer Pinky / Gemba Boys
[Music] Eternal Defender 2016 Lamer Pinky
[Graphics] Tyrael [View screenshot] 2017 Lamer Pinky / Gemba Boys
[Music] Soul Of Atlantis 2018 Lamer Pinky
[Music] Empty Island 2019 Lamer Pinky / Krap Gang
[Graphics] Dark Side [View screenshot] 2022 Lamer Pinky


[Demo] Forever 2014 Invitation Intro 2014 Gemba Boys
- Music, Graphics (second logo)
[Demo] Happy New Year 2015! 2014 Gemba Boys
- Music
[Demo] Forever 2015 Invitation Intro 2015 Gemba Boys
- Graphics (second logo, font)
[Demo] Back To The Gemba 2015 Gemba Boys
- Graphics
[Demo] End of Gemba 2015 Gemba Boys
- Graphics, Music
[Demo] Forever 2016 invitation intro 2015 Gemba Boys
- Music
[Demo] Tailwind 2016 Gemba Boys
- Graphics
[Demo] GemBand 2016 Gemba Boys
- Music
[Demo] Forever 2017 Invitation 2016 Gemba Boys
- Music
[Demo] VOID 2021 Invaders
- Music, Graphics, Other (Support)

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