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Location: Portugal


[Demo] Hello World! 2022 ps
[Demo] Accidentally Interactive Transborder Glitch Rights 2022 ps
[Demo] Speccy Greetro 2022 ps
[Music] The Path of Least Resistance 2024 ps
[Music] 240428 2024 ps
[Graphics] 53c Sunset [View screenshot] 2024 ps


[Demo] Your Song Is Quiet (Part 2) 2007 Cyberpunks Unity and Inward and The Planet Of Leather Moomins
- Graphics, Other (Direction)
[Demo] Inercia 2019 invtro 2019 ScenePT All Stars
- Text
[Demo] Subliminal Extacy #5 2023 Papaya Dezign and SE Team
- Text
[Demo] Lovebyte 2024 Countdown Invite 2024 Lovebyte and Friends
- Code
[Demo] Subliminal Extacy #6 2024 Papaya Dezign and SE Team
- Text
[Demo] Synergy 2024 Invitation 2024 LoadZX and
- Other, Graphics

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