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Scener profile - JeRrS

Location: Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk, Russia


[Music] Ostrovok (Forum) 2007 JeRrS
[Music] Again Rubbish 2007 JeRrS
[Music] Last Meeting 2007 JeRrS
[Music] Oxygene8 2008 JeRrS
[Music] We Are Robots 2008 JeRrS
[Music] Мне нечего сказать 2008 JeRrS
[Music] Neponatka2.pt3 2008 JeRrS
[Music] Put Your Hands Up For Detroit 2008 JeRrS
[Music] Что сравнится с юностью 2008 JeRrS
[Music] Neverhood 2009 JeRrS
[Music] I'm Not Lucky Man 2009 JeRrS
[Music] Dodelyvat' tochno ne stanu! 2009 JeRrS
[Music] Look In My Eyes 2009 JeRrS
[Music] Golden Ring 2010 JeRrS
[Music] we make a test 2010 JeRrS
[Music] Rose 2010 JeRrS
[Music] My zhdem peremen 2010 JeRrS
[Music] Japan 2011 JeRrS
[Music] Delay 2011 JeRrS


[Demo] D!Halt 2010 Demoparty - ZX Spectrum 1-bit Music 2010 Shiru
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