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Eldar Agaev

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Scener profile - Eldar Agaev

Location: Moskva, Moscow, Russia


[Demo] Leningrad-128 1994 Agaev E.
[Demo] Rebel Star 1994 Agaev E.
[Demo] Russia 1994 Agaev E.
[Demo] Midnight Resistance 1994 Agaev E.
[Demo] Dizzy 6.5 1994 Agaev E.
[Demo] Bumpy New 1994 Agaev Eldar
- Code, Music
[Demo] Robin +AY 1994 Agaev E.
[Demo] Sound Tracker Disk 3 1994 Agaev Eldar
[Demo] Nodes Of Yesod Agaev E.
[Demo] Our Best Agaev E. and Rose-Software
[Demo] S&S Software Eldar Agaev
[Demo] Sound Tracker Demo Agaev E.
[Demo] Main Blow Agaev Eldar and Oscar and Spilberg


[Demo] Stunt Car Racer 1994 Mortal Kombat Hackers Group
- Music, Code
[Demo] Super Monaco Grand Prix 1995 Dream Team and Starfire Hackers Group
- Graphics
[Demo] Xybots 1995 Starfire Hackers Group
- Code (Packer, Trainer, Fix, Intro), Graphics
[Demo] Ethnipod 1995 Mortal Kombat Hackers Group
- Code, Text
[Demo] Mega Color Lines 1995 Mortal Kombat Hackers Group
- Text, Other (Fixing, Import)
[Demo] Star Strike 2 1995 Mortal Kombat Hackers Group and Seamans
- Other (Restored)
[Demo] Scooby Doo Mortal Kombat Hackers Group
- Code (Trainer)
[Demo] Tremor Mortal Kombat Hackers Group
- Code

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