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Scener profile - SerzhSoft

Location: Shadrinsk, Kurgan, Russia


[Demo] Dizzy 8k 1998 DX69 and Serzh
[Demo] Dizzy 1998 SerzhSoft
[Demo] Work Stop 1998 HardWave and SerzhSoft
[Demo] CC999 Intro Viewer 1999 SerzhSoft
[Demo] C2H5OH 1999 SerzhSoft
[Demo] CC99 Gift 1999 SerzhSoft
[Demo] Sun Day 1999 SerzhSoft
[Demo] Doxycon 99 4K Intro 1999 SerzhSoft
[Music] DoxyCon 1999 SerzhSoft
[Demo] C2H5OH Part 2 1999 SerzhSoft
[Music] Dreamcoding 2000 SerzhSoft
[Music] We Love Hardwave 2000 Mitchell and SerzhSoft
[Demo] Artifice 2000 Ravager and SerzhSoft
[Graphics] Tom & Jerry [View screenshot] 2000 Fanat and Serzh
[Demo] Do What I Say 4K 2000 Serzh
[Music] Dogma;) 2000 Serzh
[Demo] Life 2000 Serzh
[Graphics] Oldy MMA [View screenshot] 2000 Fanat and Serzh
[Demo] Star Wars 2001 SerzhSoft
[Graphics] Unbliver [View screenshot] 2002 SerzhSoft
[Demo] GalaTrax 512b 2002 SerzhSoft
[Graphics] Girl's Heat [View screenshot] 2002 SerzhSoft
[Demo] LavaLight'2014 2014 SerzhSoft
[Demo] Irreality 1k 2014 SerzhSoft
[Demo] CALL256NOW! 2015 SerzhSoft
[Demo] z80pi (spigot) 2015 SerzhSoft
[Demo] 32b Signal 2016 SerzhSoft
[Demo] Solar Disco 2016 SerzhSoft
[Demo] bumpa1k 2017 SerzhSoft
[Demo] ZxMona256b 2018 SerzhSoft
- Code
[Demo] Megademica 2019 Gasman and SerzhSoft
- Code, Graphics
[Demo] Yes Don't Be Squares 2019 SerzhSoft
[Demo] World Panic in 256 bytes :) 2020 SerzhSoft
[Demo] THIS IS * ... [digital invasion] 2020 SerzhSoft
[Demo] Digital Opera in 22 bytes 2020 SerzhSoft
[Demo] 2033 2021 SerzhSoft
[Demo] SPUTNIK V 2021 SerzhSoft


[Demo] Heart Megademo (Party version) 2014 AAA Band
- Code

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