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Scener profile - Busy

Location: Bratislavsk√Ĺ kraj, Bratislavsk√Ĺ, Slovakia


[Demo] Song In Lines 1988 Busysoft
[Demo] Super Line 17 1988 Busysoft
[Demo] Stop Reset 1989 Busysoft
[Demo] Song In Lines 4 1990 Busysoft
[Demo] Overscan 1991 Busysoft
[Demo] Savage Demo 1991 Busysoft and Saposoft
[Demo] Song In Lines 5 1991 Busysoft
[Demo] Blava 1992 Busy and Rumatisoft
[Demo] Echologia 1995 Busy and Noro
[Demo] Toxi 1996 Busysoft
[Demo] Song In Lines 2010 Busy and Noro
[Demo] Shucontro 2010 Busysoft
- Graphics, Code
[Demo] Bajtro 2010 Busysoft
[Demo] TV Noise 128 2010 Aki and Busy
[Demo] Reset01 2010 Busy
[Demo] jhcontro 2010 Busy
[Graphics] 8bit Eden [View screenshot] 2011 Busy
[Demo] Rotazoomer 2011 Busy and Noro
[Music] Music Play Rulez 2012 Busy
[Demo] Unlimited Sprites 2012 Busy and Noro
- Graphics
[Demo] Song in lines 2012 Busy and Noro
[Demo] Fade1k (zx) 2012 Busy and Noro
[Demo] sil1kbas 2012 Busy
[Demo] 3D vectors 1kB 2013 Busy and Noro
[Demo] fade1k02 2013 Busy and Noro
[Demo] story talker 2013 Busy
[Demo] slunicko & domecek 2013 Busy
[Graphics] JHCon2013intro [View screenshot] 2013 Busy
[Music] PlayRulez02 2013 Busy
[Demo] Multicolor Shadevision 2014 Busy and Noro
[Demo] micro1k 2014 Busysoft
[Demo] Animo 2014 Busysoft
[Demo] Scroll 2014 Busysoft
[Demo] Silence in Lines 2014 Busysoft
[Demo] Story Talker 2014 Busysoft
[Demo] circles 2014 Busysoft and Martin and Pavel and Radim
[Demo] 80 rectangles 2015 Busysoft
[Demo] Song in lines - all in 1kB 2016 Busy and Noro
[Demo] Tochi 2017 Busy and Noro
- Graphics
[Demo] Boota 2018 Busy
[Demo] Alien FOReVER 2019 Busy and CVM and Mike / ZeroTeam
[Demo] Plasma1k 2019 Busysoft
[Demo] Metaballs 256 2021 Busysoft
[Demo] Silence in lines 2021 Busysoft
[Demo] ViFi - Videoram Filler 2021 Busysoft
[Demo] Motion tiles 2021 Busy and Noro
[Demo] Happy Birthday To Zool00k Busysoft
[Demo] Hercules Busysoft
[Demo] Interlace Busysoft
- Code
[Demo] LCD Busysoft
- Code
[Demo] MDA Busysoft


[Demo] MQM 5: The Reject 1995 MQM Team and Omega
- Code (guest part), Graphics (guest part)
[Demo] First Association 1998
- Other (guest part)
[Demo] Gemba 2011 Gemba Boys
- Code
[Demo] Zeman 2012 Gemba Boys
- Code
[Demo] We are alive! 2013 Gemba Boys
- Code
[Demo] Micro 2014 Gemba Boys
- Code
[Demo] Aquatic 2014 Gemba Boys
- Code
[Demo] Cowina 2014
- Code (Silence in Lines), Code (Story Talker), Code (Circles), Code (Scroll), Code (Animo)
[Demo] Back To The Gemba 2015 Gemba Boys
- Code
[Demo] Tailwind 2016 Gemba Boys
- Code
[Demo] 8volution 2016 Gemba Boys
- Code (Support)
[Demo] Balik 2018 Gemba Revival Band
- Code
[Demo] Badabooom 2019 Gemba Boys
- Code
[Demo] Regression 2019 NAG
- Other (support for BS-DOS kernel)
[Demo] Dada
- Code

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