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Antique Toy 2002 Rules

The Compo - Rules

Demotopia - the relaunch

Antique Toy 2004 rules

NotCon '04 talk

Antique Toy 2004

virtual ZX music & graphics contest


Music compos:

- C-jeff / Brainwave Team + Mimic

- Megus / Brainwave Team
ICQ: 162548473

Graphics compos:

- Diver / 4th Dimension

- C-jeff / Brainwave Team + Mimic

General organization:

- Megus / Brainwave Team
ICQ: 162548473


  • The deadline for delivery of your work is 1 June 2004.
  • If there will be too little number of works accepted on the deadline date, we continue to accept works until the necessary number is not gathered.
  • Minimal number of works in music compos - 20.
  • Minimal number of works in graphics compos - 10.
  • You must fill out the registration forms for all submissions.
  • Only one individual and one collective work are accepted from a single competitor in a single compo. Collective work is that which is made in cooperation with someone else. All co-authors must be mentioned in the registration form.
  • The author(s) should not be mentioned in the work title.
  • Previously released works are not accepted.
  • If the work does not match the compo specified in the registration form, organizers have the right to move it to another compo or disqualify it.
  • Works that do not follow the rules will be disqualified.
  • Authors of disqualified works will be notified with the explanation for their disqualification.
  • The organizers reserve the right to change these rules.



You will get the confirmation after the organizers receive your work. If you don't receive it during the week after sending, please, send it again.

All questions about the contest and organization can be sent to this email too.


After the deadline, a compilation of works will be released for voting purposes. The compilation will be presented in two forms: the special player and viewer for ZX Spectrum and in a format that can be viewed and played on PC and other platforms. Only titles and numbers of works will be published in the compilation. The numbers will be given in random order.

The voting period from the moment of compilation release is 2 months. If there will be less than 30 votelists received after 2 months then we continue to accept votelists until the necessary number is not gathered.

When voting, you give every work a mark. The lowest mark for a work is 0, the highest is 9.

After the voting and result counting is finished, the final compilation of works with authors' names will be released.

The period of results counting - 2 weeks.


Compos: Mainstream, Progressive, Cover.

Common rules for music compos:

  • There are no limits on the play time but the work must not be looped.
  • Works must be compiled on address #C000(49152). This requirement is a must because nowadays there are a number of different versions of PT3.x, most with different frequency tables. It's recommended to mention player entry points, especially if you use some uncommon music editor.
  • A single work can take part in only one compo.

Rules for Mainstream music compo:

  • The work for the compo must be done in one of so-called mainstream genres (e.g. pop, funk, easy listening etc.).

Rules for Progressive music compo:

  • The work for the compo must be done in one of so-called progressive genres (e.g. trance, idm, techno, experimental music etc.).

Rules for Cover music compo:

  • The work for the compo must be the cover/remix on any music you like.
  • The original author and title should be mentioned in the registration form.
  • Megamixes, i.e. mixes based on several compositions, are accepted and you should mention all original authors and titles in the registration form.

Registration form

Work title:
Author(s) (realname/nickname):
Compo: mainstream / progressive / cover
Music chip type: AY / YM
Stereo mode: ABC / ACB / BAC / mono etc.
Total play time:
Comments: (write original author(s) and title(s) for cover compo


Compos: Traditional, Alternative.

Common rules for graphics compos:

  • Author's name must not be shown in any form (even hidden) on the work. If you want, you may send 2 versions: with the name and without it. The version with the name will be included in the final compilation.
  • You may use in your work converted images from other platforms, but the fully converted works (or with the minimal changes) will be disqualified.
  • You may (but not must) include 2 in-production stages of your work.
  • The work can be presented in any format, i.e. you can use standard or non-standard viewing modes (gigascreen, multicolor, 3color or anything else). Works with non-standard image size (larger than the standard screen) are also accepted. You must, however, include a viewer with a non-standard picture and, if possible, the picture in png/gif/pcx or any other non-ZX format with lossless compression. Organizers don't take any responsibility if the viewer will not work on all clones of ZX Spectrum.
  • A single work can take part in only one compo.

Rules for Traditional graphics compo:

  • The work for the compo must be done in the traditional style (e.g. realism), traditional technique, on the traditional themes and plots (faces, figures, fantasy etc.).

Rules for Alternative graphics compo:

  • The work for the compo must be non-traditional (experimental) in any aspect: style, technique, theme.

Registration form

Work title:
Author(s) (realname/nickname):
Compo: traditional / alternative
Format: standard / gigascreen / 3color / multicolor /
        custom (give the description)
Image size: standard / custom
Comments: (may be left empty)


The authors of the best 3 works in each compo will receive diplomas and memorial prizes (only across the territory of Russian Federation).

(c) 2004, Antique Toy organizers.

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