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Antique Toy 2002 Rules

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Demotopia - the relaunch

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Demotopia - the relaunch

Gasman / H-Prg / RA

Did you know that since 1995, more than 1900 Spectrum productions have been presented at demo parties?

In the last month, I've typed out every single one. It's been the most intensive series of updates since the site started four years ago, and at last it's close to becoming the resource I always wanted it to be. Not just a bunch of lists, but something to give you a full picture of the Spectrum scene as it exists today. Who are the active groups? Which demos have they done? Which parties did they appear in? The answers are all here.

Demotopia will continue to grow - the blank spaces will be filled, and new features will be introduced over the coming months. There's no way that the old site could cope with the information overload, so it's been scrapped and replaced with the sleek slimline design you see here.

Nobody knows how big the Spectrum scene is. Despite everything the internet has done for us, geography still manages to keep things hidden. I'm always surprised when a new party like ASCii puts the spotlight on a little-known corner of the scene, and introduces numerous new groups that had previously gone un-noticed.

This is a site for the whole scene. Not just the UK. Not just the bits I know about. That's why Demotopia needs contributions from you. Right now, there's plenty of info covering the likes of Pondlife and Hooy-Program, and not so much elsewhere... and myself and H-Prg feature highly on the most active sceners list, largely because other people's lists are inevitably incomplete.

So, if you're on the Speccy scene, or you know anything at all about it, be sure to check out the info about your corner of the scene - starting with your own Scener Profile page, if you have one - and send me any productions which aren't mentioned, as well as any missing details about your releases, your group(s), your 'local' scene, and basically anything you know more about than me. One thing to watch out for is the thorny subject of nicks - if one person has made productions under several different names, they might end up with several different pages. This needs to be fixed so that they only have one page - see the page for Justinas aka Sector for an example.

Email me at with any files or nuggets of information. Together we can make this the definitive resource for the whole ZX scene.

A Gasman production, brought to you by the Demozoo network. Corrections, additions, new releases? Submit them to the main Demozoo site!
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