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ArtField 2014

ArtField 2014 on Demozoo »

ArtField 2014

Voronezh, Voronezj, Russia

30th - 31st May 2014

Realtime GFX »

[screenshot of 3dlife] [screenshot of unknown]
1 Малефисента Воропаева Елена
2 smuzzy Shuran33
3 raziel Татьяна Другова
4 unknown [View screenshot] Пожидаев Иван
5 babochka Воропаева Елена
6 unknown [View screenshot] LordGrey
7 3dlife [View screenshot] Flast
8 Azzy Александр Жевнеров

ZX Spectrum Graphics »

1 Witches are good friends with piggies Vassa
2 SiNthetic prof4d
3 The departure of a demon moroz1999
4 Do you like demo about me TmK / Alexandr Solodkov
5 The Eye Артем Вульф
6 Александр Воропаева Елена
7 Shagorod John Norton Irr

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