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Scener profile - Dimidrol

Location: Yoshkar-Ola, Russia


[Graphics] Landing [View screenshot] 2000 Dimedrol / Coders' Academy
[Graphics] Bounty [View screenshot] 2000 Dimidrol / Mild Group
[Graphics] Mafik 2001 Dimidrol / Mild Group
[Graphics] Lover 2001 Dimidrol / Mild Group
[Graphics] Karlshteyn Castle on Czech Republic [View screenshot] 2002 Dimidrol / Green Bit Group
[Graphics] Past [View screenshot] 2002 Dimidrol / Green Bit Group
[Graphics] Snowman [View screenshot] 2003 Dimidrol / Green Bit Group
[Graphics] Thoughtful [View screenshot] 2003 Dimidrol / Green Bit Group
[Graphics] Mysterious [View screenshot] 2005 Dm
[Graphics] Schloss Neuschwanstein [View screenshot] 2008 Dimidrol
[Graphics] Stripper 2008 Dimidrol
[Graphics] Moriturus [View screenshot] 2009 Dimidrol
[Graphics] Medieval [View screenshot] 2009 Dimidrol
[Graphics] Highlanders [View screenshot] 2009 Dimidrol
[Graphics] Invaders [View screenshot] 2010 Dimidrol
[Graphics] Sakr-el-bahr [View screenshot] 2010 Dimidrol
[Graphics] Virage [View screenshot] 2011 Dimidrol
[Graphics] Red Chief [View screenshot] 2012 Dimidrol
[Graphics] Artist [View screenshot] 2012 Dimidrol
[Graphics] Fishing 2013 Dimidrol
[Graphics] Vikings [View screenshot] 2014 Dimidrol
[Graphics] Bear [View screenshot] 2014 Dimidrol
[Graphics] Good Morning [View screenshot] 2014 Dimidrol
[Graphics] Fisher [View screenshot] 2014 Dimidrol
[Graphics] Eskimo [View screenshot] 2015 Dimidrol
[Graphics] Disco 2015 Dimidrol
[Graphics] Amur Tiger [View screenshot] 2015 Dimidrol
[Graphics] Capri Rendezvous 2015 Dimidrol
[Graphics] Stranger [View screenshot] 2016 Dimidrol
[Graphics] Ray Donovan [View screenshot] 2017 Dimidrol

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