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Scener profile - Aki

Location: Prague, Praha, Czech Republic


[Demo] Jokes 1994 Factor6 and Saisoft
- Music
[Demo] Flaska 1994 Factor6 and Saisoft
[Demo] Rain 1994 Factor6 and Saisoft
- Graphics, Music
[Demo] Ciparna, Jak Cip 1997 Factor6 and Schiva
- Music, Graphics
[Demo] Tulebaba 2 1997 Factor6 and Schiva
[Music] Last in 1997 1997 Factor6
[Demo] Lethal For Chrysagon (Koblich) 1997 Factor6 and Schiva
[Demo] Gift for Schiva / ESA + Bonny B 1998 Factor6 / ESA
[Music] Personal Fairlights 1998 Factor6
[Music] Follin 2B 1998 Factor6
[Graphics] DoxyCon [View screenshot] 1998 Factor6 / ESA
[Demo] Multigift for Schiva 1999 Factor6 and Omega and TDM
- Code, Music, Graphics
[Music] Sweet Seduction 1999 Factor6
[Music] Stormlord 1999 Factor6 / ESA
[Music] Nagual Dance 1999 Factor6 / ESA
[Graphics] Dc99 Kompo [View screenshot] 1999 Factor6 / ESA
[Music] NN World 2000 Factor6 / K3L Corp
[Music] Transform 2000 Factor6 / K3L Corp
[Music] Curly 2 2000 Factor6 / K3L Corp
[Music] Moon Patrol 2000 Factor6 / K3L
[Demo] Popierdolone Demo 2000 Factor6 and Hellboj
[Music] Lobothomy 2000 Factor6 / 5samyc ^ K3L ^ Phantasy
[Graphics] Underground Increase Graph [View screenshot] 2000 Factor6 / 5samyc ^ K3L ^ Phantasy
[Music] Shucon2001 2001 Factor6
[Music] Trainer 2001 Factor6 / K3L ^ Phantasy
[Music] Mindtime 2001 Factor6 / K3L
[Music] Angeldust 2001 Factor6 / K3L ^ Phantasy
[Graphics] All Done [View screenshot] 2001 Factor6 / K3L ^ Phantasy
[Demo] Another Factor6's Reject 2002 Factor6 / 5samyc
[Music] Theme from Navstevnici 2002 Factor6 / K3L ^ Phantasy
[Music] Blah-Blah-Gal 2002 Factor6 / K3L ^ Phantasy
[Music] Bozdka Sear 2002 Factor6
[Demo] Pica 2002 Factor6
[Demo] Intro That Goes Pink 2003 Factor6
[Music] Good Mood 2003 Factor6 / K3L ^ Phantasy
[Graphics] Steve [View screenshot] 2003 Factor6 / K3L ^ Phantasy
[Demo] Kalkus 2003 Factor6 / Anubis ^ Phantasy ^ Raiders of the Lost Empire
[Music] Soft Reset 2003 Factor6 / AY Riders
[Demo] Robocop 4 2003 Factor6 and Hooy-Program
- Other (ideas), Graphics
[Demo] Oldskull 2003 Factor6
[Music] Beetle 2004 Factor6
[Music] Bits Main 2004 Factor6
[Music] Bonba 2004 Factor6
[Demo] Total Murder 2004 Factor6 and Hooy-Program
[Music] Prazakum Je Hej 2004 Factor6
[Music] Champolion est un PD 2004 Factor6
[Music] Through Poland 2005 Factor6 / AY Riders
[Music] I Don't Care 2005 Factor6
[Demo] Sleeping 2005 Factor6
[Music] Of course 2006 Factor6
[Demo] Fuck.256b 2006 Factor6
[Music] Hung Up (Madonna) 2006 Factor6 and TDM
[Music] Drink Vodka or Eat Mrtkra z Krtka 2006 Factor6 / AY Riders
[Graphics] You Want It [View screenshot] 2007 Factor6
[Music] Through England 2007 Factor6
[Music] Geronimo's Cadillac 2007 Factor6
[Graphics] Porsche 924 [View screenshot] 2007 Factor6
[Demo] T-Shirt 2007 Factor6
[Music] Vitamin ZX 2007 Factor6 / K3L ^ Phantasy
[Music] Yeovil Junction 2008 Factor6 / AY Riders
[Music] Day After Yesterday 2008 Factor6
[Graphics] Stuff [View screenshot] 2008 Factor6
[Demo] Ekologik 2008 Factor6
- Code
[Music] Beeporgy 2008 Factor6
[Demo] International Vodka Party 2008 Factor6
[Music] SQ-Tracker 2009 Factor6
[Music] Taio Byte 2009 Factor6
[Graphics] Merging Two Worlds [View screenshot] 2009 Factor6
[Music] Piggy Poo 2009 Factor6 / AY Riders ^ ArtWay
[Demo] INTERPHASE 2009 Factor6 and Yerzmyey
[Graphics] A Pig [View screenshot] 2009 Factor6
[Music] 128 Miles 2010 Factor6 / AY Riders ^ Hooy-Program
[Graphics] Wolf [View screenshot] 2010 Factor6 / Hooy-Program
[Demo] Pac-TXT 2010 Factor6 and Hooy-Program
[Demo] TV Noise 128 2010 Busy and Factor6
[Graphics] Emoboy [View screenshot] 2010 Factor6
[Music] Clive Sinclair 2011 Factor6 / AY Riders ^ Hooy-Program
[Graphics] Innuendo [View screenshot] 2011 Factor6
[Music] Gemba 2011 Factor6 / Gemba Boys
[Music] Firefly's Revenge 2011 Factor6
[Music] I Love Beeper 2011 Factor6
[Demo] Nyanless 2011 Factor6
[Music] Czech, Slovakia and Back 2012 Factor6 / AY Riders ^ Hooy-Program
[Demo] Blbost 2012 Factor6 / Hooy-Program
[Graphics] Koleje [View screenshot] 2012 Factor6 / AY Riders ^ Hooy-Program
[Demo] Alien Vs Freddator 2012 Factor6 / Hooy-Program
[Music] Spring Is Coming 2012 Factor6 / AY Riders ^ Hooy-Program
[Demo] noboru1k 2012 Factor6
[Demo] Happy New Year 2013 2012 Factor6 and Noby
[Music] Second Day Uptown 2013 Factor6 / AY Riders ^ Gembaboyz ^ Hooy-Program
[Music] We Are Alive 2013 Factor6 / Gemba Boys
[Music] Arkanoid's Revenge 2013 Factor6
[Music] Streets of the Unknown 2013 Factor6 / Gemba Boys
[Demo] Wittro 2013 Aki and ZeroTeam
[Demo] Zeropixels 2013 Factor6
[Graphics] Pikachu [View screenshot] 2013 Factor6
[Graphics] Dawn [View screenshot] 2014 Factor6 / Gembaboyz ^ Hooy-Program
[Music] Micro 2014 Factor6 / Gemba Boys
[Music] MultiSadCore 2014 Factor6 / AY Riders ^ Gemba Boys ^ Hooy-Program
[Graphics] Mikroskop [View screenshot] 2014 Factor6 / AY Riders ^ Gemba Boys ^ Hooy-Program
[Graphics] Cinema [View screenshot] 2014 Factor6 / AY Riders ^ Gemba Boys ^ Hooy-Program
[Demo] Forever Kvík 2014 Factor6 / AY Riders ^ Gembaboyz ^ Hooy-Program
[Music] Aquatic 2014 Factor6 / Gemba Boys
[Demo] Kravina 2014 Factor6 / Gemba Boys
[Demo] jdtribute 2014 Factor6 and Mister Beep and Utz and z00m
[Music] Czechoslovak Alarm Clock 2015 Factor6
[Graphics] Dragonfly [View screenshot] 2015 Factor6 / Gemba Boys
[Music] Back to the Gemba 2015 Factor6 / Gemba Boys
[Music] 3D Galax 2015 Factor6
[Graphics] Human Sonic [View screenshot] 2016 Factor6 / Gemba Boys
[Music] Tailwind 2016 Factor6 / Gemba Boys
[Music] Don't Punish My Sync Claire 2016 Factor6 / Gemba Boys ^ Hooy-Program
[Music] Circus 2017 Factor6
[Graphics] Caution! [View screenshot] 2017 Factor6
[Demo] Compofiler - Invaders Must Die 2017 Factor6 and Noby
- Music
[Demo] Bad Apple 2 2017 Factor6 and Noby
- Music
[Music] eskvecko 2018 Akio Tenshi
[Graphics] viel viel koffein [View screenshot] 2018 Akio Tenshi
[Graphics] to shreddz you say? [View screenshot] 2018 Akio Tenshi
[Demo] ZX Fashion We1k 2018 Akio Tenshi
[Graphics] finding [View screenshot] 2018 Akio Tenshi
[Demo] 1968 2018 Akio Tenshi and Noby
- Music
[Demo] tiny zx48 256b trans flag 2018 Aki
[Graphics] old crossing [View screenshot] 2019 Aki
[Music] Estrogen Ride 2019 Aki
[Music] Rotr 2 Factor6
[Music] Acid Funk Factor6
[Music] Cloud 9 Factor6
[Music] Extremes Factor6
[Music] HATE Factor6
[Music] Maximum Taste Factor6
[Music] Skogens Djur 11 Factor6
[Music] Starsoft Part Factor6
[Music] Schiva Part 2 Factor6
[Music] Raved Zone Factor6
[Music] For Schiva Factor6
[Music] Axel Funk Factor6
[Music] Back In Time Factor6
[Music] 3D Psycho Factor6
[Music] Gianna Cracktro Factor6
[Music] 2nd Reality Factor6
[Music] 70s Shake Factor6
[Music] Afternoon Voyage 2 Factor6
[Music] After Xe Factor6
[Music] Alloy Run Factor6
[Music] Amiga Intro Factor6
[Music] Anthill Factor6
[Music] Atari Self Test Factor6
[Music] Atlantis Factor6
[Music] Axel Dance Factor6
[Music] Back In Time 2 Factor6
[Music] Bastila Factor6
[Music] Belegost Factor6
[Music] Bits Intro Factor6
[Music] Blbost1 Factor6
[Music] Boney M Factor6
[Music] Border Stars Factor6
[Music] Brambory Factor6
[Music] Brutal Factor6
[Music] Brutal Trackmo Factor6
[Music] Co3 Factor6
[Music] Co Je Factor6
[Music] Commando Remix Factor6
[Music] Country Road Factor6
[Music] Crap Factor6
[Music] Debil1 Factor6
[Music] Debil2 Factor6
[Music] Deflection Factor6
[Music] Deflektor Factor6
[Music] Delete Factor6
[Music] Demosong 12 Factor6
[Music] Digi Dream Factor6
[Music] Disco 87 Factor6
[Music] DJ Factor 6 Factor6
[Music] Dodelat Factor6
[Music] Dope Factor6
[Music] Drax Factor6
[Music] Dron 2 Factor6
[Music] Economy Factor6
[Music] Eliminator Factor6
[Music] Enigma Factor6
[Music] Epilogue Factor6
[Music] Epilogue 2 Factor6
[Music] Excess Factor6
[Music] Exinoque Factor6
[Music] Express Factor6
[Music] Fantomas Factor6
[Music] Flimbo's Quest 1 Factor6
[Music] Flimbo's Quest 2 Factor6
[Music] Follin 3B Factor6
[Music] Follinoxe Factor6
[Music] For All Fcr Factor6
[Music] For JKS Factor6
[Music] General Sound Factor6
[Music] Gift Intro Factor6
[Music] Happy Song Factor6
[Music] Healthy Factor6
[Music] Hong Kong Factor6
[Music] House Factor6
[Music] House 3 Factor6
[Music] House 4 Factor6
[Music] Howno Factor6
[Music] HW Chaos Factor6
[Music] Ikari Intro Factor6
[Music] Imped Factor6
[Music] In Xe Factor6
[Music] Infect Factor6
[Music] Inside Factor6
[Music] Ivan Factor6
[Music] Jammalade Factor6
[Music] Jarre Factor6
[Music] Jazzy Factor6
[Music] JCH Factor6
[Music] Johny X Demo Factor6
[Music] Jumpy Dog Factor6
[Music] Kawai Factor6
[Music] Klobbased Factor6
[Music] Kokosh 2 Factor6
[Music] Kokosh 3 Factor6
[Music] Kolohneez Factor6
[Music] Koptchem Factor6
[Music] Krakout 4 Factor6
[Music] Kravina 2 Factor6
[Music] Kua Nevim Factor6
[Music] Lady Bird Factor6
[Music] Laserdance Factor6
[Music] Last 48 2 Factor6
[Music] Laudable 99 Remix Factor6
[Music] Like Noro Factor6
[Music] Loony Island Factor6
[Music] Mad Max Factor6
[Music] Masterblaster 1 Factor6
[Music] Masterblaster 2 Factor6
[Music] Mental Stress Factor6
[Music] More Fish Factor6
[Music] Most Cool Tune Factor6
[Music] Mozall2 Factor6
[Music] My Wonderland Factor6
[Music] Narez Factor6
[Music] Na Smazani Factor6
[Music] Nedodelat Factor6
[Music] Need For Speed 3 Factor6
[Music] Nepovedlo Factor6
[Music] Nesmysl Factor6
[Music] Nic Factor6
[Music] Nuda Factor6
[Music] Omegift Factor6
[Music] On The Top Factor6
[Music] Oskar Factor6
[Music] Outside World Factor6
[Music] Oxygene 7 Factor6
[Music] Pharaon Factor6
[Music] Photographic Factor6
[Music] Plasma Factor6
[Music] Point Of Departure 1 Factor6
[Music] Point Of Departure 2 Factor6
[Music] Popcorn Short Version Factor6
[Music] Punpa Factor6
[Music] Push Over Factor6
[Music] Que Factor6
[Music] Rave Raven Factor6
[Music] Razor 2002 Factor6
[Music] Realshit Factor6
[Music] ROTR Factor6
[Music] Satellite Factor6 and TDM
[Music] S-Express Factor6
[Music] Shier Factor6
[Music] Shitka Factor6
[Music] Slam Tilt Factor6
[Music] Slap It Factor6
[Music] Snake Factor6
[Music] Sokallism Factor6
[Music] Something Like Daft Punk Factor6
[Music] Spring Factor6
[Music] Stevie Factor6
[Music] Strupped Factor6
[Music] Super Frog Advert Factor6
[Music] Super Marioland Factor6
[Music] Super Stardust - Loading Factor6
[Music] Sux Factor6
[Music] Tangerinesque Factor6
[Music] Tech Factor6
[Music] Teddy Factor6
[Music] Tempest 2K Factor6
[Music] That's Life Factor6
[Music] Trip 14 Factor6
[Music] Tritol 1 Factor6
[Music] Tritol 2 Factor6
[Music] Tritol 3 Factor6
[Music] Tubular Bells Factor6
[Music] Turrican 1 C64 Endtune Factor6
[Music] Ulanbatar Factor6
[Music] Uncle Fakka Factor6
[Music] Unused 1 JT Factor6
[Music] Uz Vim Factor6
[Music] Various Factor6
[Music] X-Ray Factor6
[Music] Xtn Ega Factor6
[Music] Your Love Factor6
[Music] Z Nudy Factor6
[Music] Zabreh Factor6
[Music] Zabreh 2 Factor6
[Music] Zitra Vstanu A Oparim Se Cajem Factor6
[Music] Zlincon 1 Factor6
[Music] 2 Unlimited 1 Factor6
[Music] 2 Unlimited 2 Factor6
[Music] 2 Unlimited 3 Factor6
[Music] Agony Loading Factor6
[Music] Apidya Factor6
[Music] Beast 3 End Factor6
[Music] Be My Lover Factor6
[Music] Chinese Dream Factor6
[Music] Dervish D Factor6
[Music] Desert Dream 1 Factor6
[Music] Desert Dream 2 Factor6
[Music] Dice Factor6
[Music] FA Part 1 Factor6
[Music] FA Part 3 Factor6
[Music] FA Part 4 Factor6
[Music] FA Part 5 Factor6
[Music] FA Part 7 Factor6
[Music] Flaska Demo Factor6
[Music] Gianna Factor6
[Music] Hammer Factor6
[Music] Jokes 1 Factor6
[Music] Kilimanzaro Factor6
[Music] Koto Factor6
[Music] Laudable Factor6
[Music] MASH Factor6
[Music] Piggy End Factor6
[Music] Piggy Main Factor6
[Music] Pink Floyd Factor6
[Music] Rain Demo Factor6
[Music] Razor Old Version Factor6
[Music] Rock 'n' AY Factor6
[Music] Saisoft Crack Factor6
[Music] Satellite Old Version Factor6
[Music] Smash 1 Factor6
[Music] Smash 2 Factor6
[Music] Smash 3 Factor6
[Music] Smash 4 Factor6
[Music] Smash 5 Factor6
[Music] Smash 6 Factor6
[Music] Smash 8 Factor6
[Music] Smash 9 Factor6
[Music] Smash 10 WC Factor6
[Music] Smash 11 Factor6
[Music] Smash 12 Factor6
[Music] Smash 13 Factor6
[Music] Smash 14 Factor6
[Music] Smash 15 Factor6
[Music] Smash 17 Factor6
[Music] Smash 18 Factor6
[Music] Smash 19 Factor6
[Music] Smash 20 Factor6
[Music] Smash 21 Factor6
[Music] Smash 22 Factor6
[Music] Smash End Titles Factor6
[Music] Technopart Factor6
[Music] Toccata Factor6
[Music] Toccata 2 Factor6
[Music] Turrican Demo 1 Factor6
[Music] Turrican Demo 2 Factor6
[Music] Turrican Demo 3 Factor6
[Music] Turrican Demo 4 Factor6
[Music] Turrican Demo 5 Factor6
[Music] Turrican Demo 6 Factor6
[Music] Uridium 2 Loading Factor6
[Music] Vangelis Factor6
[Demo] Drift Factor6 and TDM
[Demo] Gift for Omega Factor6 and TDM
[Demo] Letter 2 by Factor 6 to Schiva Factor6
[Demo] Nylool Factor6
[Music] Smash 7 Factor6


[Demo] 2 Unlimited 1994 ESA
- Music
[Demo] Smash Megademo 1996 ESA
- Graphics, Music
[Demo] First Association 1998
- Other (guest part)
[Demo] The Last 48 1998 ESA
- Graphics, Music
[Demo] DoxyCon'99 MSX Compo Player 1999 Naughty Crew
- Graphics, Music
[Demo] Forever2k Demo Trapas! (FDT) 2000 K3L Corp
- Code
[Demo] K-Words 2000 Phantasy
- Code
[Demo] Subliminal Extacy #3 2001 Papaya Dezign / Raww Arse
- Music
[Demo] Chocoholica 2002 K3L and Phantasy
- Code, Music, Graphics
[Demo] You Are Adult 2004 AY Riders
- Music
[Demo] Koroptef's Eklhaft Kentus Professional 2004 Krap Gang
- Graphics
[Demo] Shucon Kapka Demo 2004
- Music
[Demo] Megtro 2004 AY Riders
- Text, Graphics, Music
[Demo] Tedemo 2005 Patyzoners and Shuconers
- Music
[Demo] Ovca 2009 CI5 The Amaters
- Other (idea), Music
[Demo] Idiot on the Motorway 2009 johny.noone
- Music
[Demo] 8 Channels 2009 Mister Beep
- Code
[Demo] JHCon 2009 Invitation 2009 MB Maniax
- Music
[Demo] 48K Demo 2010 Hooy-Program
- Graphics
[Demo] 1979 2011 Hooy-Program
- Code, Music, Graphics
[Demo] A Story 2011 Hooy-Program
- Graphics, Code, Music
[Demo] Critical Error 2011 Agenda and Hooy-Program
- Graphics
[Demo] 9 Channels 2011 Mister Beep
- Graphics (intro), Code (intro)
[Demo] Zeman 2012 Gemba Boys
- Music, Graphics
[Demo] We are alive! 2013 Gemba Boys
- Graphics, Music
[Demo] Yerzmyey's Slideshow 2013 Hooy-Program
- Code, Music, Text
[Demo] Happy new year 2014 2013 Gemba Boys
- Music
[Demo] Micro 2014 Gemba Boys
- Music, Graphics
[Demo] Aquatic 2014 Gemba Boys
- Music
[Demo] Cowina 2014
- Code (kravina)
[Demo] Ján Deák Tribute Music Collection 2014 Utz
- Music
[Demo] Back To The Gemba 2015 Gemba Boys
- Graphics, Music
[Demo] Logout #20 2015 Gemba Boys
- Text, Graphics, Music
[Demo] Forever 2016 invitation intro 2015 Gemba Boys
- Graphics (font, logo)
[Demo] Tailwind 2016 Gemba Boys
- Music, Graphics
[Demo] GemBand 2016 Gemba Boys
- Music
[Demo] FOReVER 2019 invitation 2018 Gemba Boys
- Music, Graphics
[Demo] Badabooom 2019 Gemba Boys
- Music, Graphics

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