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Scener profile - Shiru

Location: Moscow, Russia


[Music] It's Come From The Dark 2002 DJ Uranus / Angel2
[Demo] Wolfenstein 2004 2004 Alone Coder and Shiru Otaku
[Music] Summer! (party version) 2004 Dj.Uranus / IIpr
[Music] znx_type 2007 Shiru
[Music] Deep 2008 Shiru
[Graphics] City Storm [View screenshot] 2008 Shiru
[Demo] No Signal 2009 Shiru
[Music] Mass Production 2009 Shiru
[Demo] Shiru's 1-bit music 2010 2010 Shiru
[Music] Proper Summer 2010 Shiru
[Demo] D!Halt 2010 Demoparty - ZX Spectrum 1-bit Music 2010 Shiru
- Code, Music
[Music] Final Guy 2010 Shiru
[Music] Hazard Lights 2010 Shiru
[Demo] Scroll? 512b 2010 Shiru
[Demo] Beeper Musics from Chaos Constructions 2010 2010 Shiru
- Code
[Graphics] Termocop [View screenshot] 2010 Shiru
[Music] Under the Sun 2010 Shiru
[Music] Time Attack 2010 Shiru
[Demo] BattleOfTheBits ZX Spectrum Beeper Speaker Compo 2010 2010 Shiru
[Demo] Chaos Constructions 2011 Beeper Music Compo 2011 Shiru
[Demo] International Vodka Party 2011 1-bit music 2011 Shiru
[Demo] Nebula Fight 2012 Mister Beep and Shiru and Trixs
- Code
[Demo] D!Halt Beeper Music 2012 2012 Shiru
[Demo] Chaos Constructions 2012 Beeper Music 2012 Shiru
[Demo] Astral Combat 2013 Hooy-Program and Piesiu and Shiru and Trixs
- Code
[Music] Struggle 2016 Shiru
[Music] Fase Cuatro 2018 Shiru
[Music] Headbanger 2018 Shiru
[Music] We'll Be Alright 2018 Shiru


[Demo] The Board 2011 Alone Coder / NedoPC
- Music, Graphics

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